Your baby's spoon should be free from toxic chemicals

Your baby's health is our highest priority. Our products are made with our own babies in mind. Read the full Spuni story here.

Why should you care about where baby products are made?

There is evidence that an alarming number of baby products made in certain countries contain 'illegal levels' of toxic chemicals.

A report from the EEB states that several million products were blocked from entering the EU in 2019. 92% of these products were categorised as a 'serious risk,' 88% came from China, and 51% were contaminated with phthalates.

Spuni - Made in Germany for peace of mind

Spuni baby spoons are made in Germany from medical-grade TPU and are approved safe for use by infants below six months of age. We guarantee our spoons are free from BPA, BPS, phthalates, and PVC.

Our manufacturing process has passed stringent German and European safety standards. We take health and safety very seriously.

Although it costs more to manufacture our baby spoons in Germany, we firmly believe that the benefit of knowing our products are made to stringent German and European safety standards far outweighs the increased cost.

Having sold tens of thousands of Spuni's to happy parents (and babies) all over the world, we can see that our values are shared by many.

You can view our range of baby spoons here and find out about the other unique features of our award winning and patented baby spoon.

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