Do Babies Need Special Spoons?

Feeding time is a crucial moment in a baby's development, and the tools we use can make a significant difference. While many might think any spoon will do, there are compelling reasons to consider specialised spoons for babies. Let's explore why.

1. Safety First: Material Matters

Many spoons, especially those made for adults, are crafted from materials that might not be safe for babies. Metal spoons can be hard and potentially harmful to a baby's delicate gums.

Spuni's Assurance: Made from food-safe, medical-grade TPU, the same material used in pacifiers and baby bottle nipples, Spuni spoons ensure a gentle and safe feeding experience. Moreover, they are free from BPA, BPS, Phthalates, and PVC, ensuring no harmful chemicals come into contact with your baby's food.

2. The Latching Reflex

Babies have a natural latching reflex, crucial for both breastfeeding and feeding with a spoon. Not all spoons are designed to cater to this reflex.

The Spuni Difference: Spuni's unique and patented design triggers the baby’s natural latching reflex. Its patented tulip design encourages babies to latch onto and clear the food, offering a more manageable portion size.

3. Choking Hazards and Portion Control

Overfeeding or offering too large a bite can be a choking hazard. It's essential to have a spoon that offers the right amount of food.

Why Choose Spuni? Spuni spoons reduce the chances of a baby choking on too much food through their innovative portion control design.

4. Transitioning to Solids

The transition from milk to solid foods can be challenging. The right spoon can make this shift smoother.

Spuni's Expertise: Designed to help babies transition to solid foods, Spuni spoons are the ideal companion for this developmental milestone.

5. Size and Aesthetics

Babies need spoons that fit their small mouths and are visually appealing to keep them engaged during feeding times.

Spuni's Offerings: Available in two sizes and eight vibrant colours, Spuni spoons cater to both functional and aesthetic needs.

6. Safety Standards and Design Excellence

When it comes to baby products, safety is paramount. It's essential to choose products that adhere to the highest safety standards.

Trust in Spuni: Made in Germany, Spuni spoons have passed stringent German and European safety standards. They are approved for infants below six months of age. Furthermore, they are designed by MIT graduates and experts in material science and environmental health, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.

7. Reaching Every Last Bite

Babies often enjoy their food, and ensuring they get every last bite is essential.

Spuni's Advantage: With just the right length to reach the bottom of food jars and bowls, Spuni ensures no food goes to waste.


While it might seem like a simple choice, selecting the right spoon for your baby can impact their feeding experience. Plastic baby spoons, especially those like Spuni, are designed with babies in mind, making them the best baby spoons on the market. Whether you're in the market for toddler spoons, weaning spoons, feeding spoons, or general spoons for babies, Spuni offers a range tailored to your baby's needs.

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